Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Figured I eloborate on some comics I've been reading.

The newest one that I've gotten into is Doktor Sleepless. I think I saw an ad for the first collected volume in Previews (Previews is a big catalog filled with all the stuff that Diamond distributes, including all comic books) and thought it looked cool so I ordered it. It's better than I imagined it would be.

It does two things that really grabbed me. First, it touches on things I find interesting such as conspiracy theories and futurology. In fact, from the stuff I've read so far in this comic, Warren Ellis rivals William Gibson as a futurist. The other thing I really like about this comic is the way it puts the reader in the middle of this world and then slowly reveals what's going on as the story progresses. It doesn't tell you everything up front.

As for the other comics I've been reading, DC is ramping up for their big "Blackest Night" event. I'm looking forward to that mainly because it's Green Lantern-centric and I really like the GL story. I'm losing interest in the Superman titles. I'll probably cancel my subscriptions until they get different writers or go in a different direction. Same with Batman but I'm withholding judgement until the Batman and Robin title is released.

As always, Walking Dead remains the best comic being published.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

So What's Been Going On

The usual. Been playing some board games, reading some comics, watching hockey. Well, won't be watching hockey anymore with the demise of the Capitals.

I've been playing a couple of pc games, Football Manager and Pirates. Pirates is a pretty awesome game. I hate to recommend it to people though since part of the game has you playing a mini-rhythm game in order to dance with governor's daughter. Football Manager is fantastic, one of my favorite games ever, but I hate to recommend it since it's about managing a soccer team.

I've also been doing some painting. Right now I'm working on a Sisters of Battle squad for Warhammer 40K. Will I ever collect and field and entire Witch Hunters army? Maybe. My plan is to have the Sisters backed up by Imperial Guard painted with a Waffen SS camo scheme.

The more I play Cosmic Encounter the more I like it. Also, in Pandemic I have found a game that my wife is not only willing to play with me but she will ask me to play. Can't go wrong there.