Sunday, November 16, 2008

Too Many Games?

My cup runneth over. I expanded my recently played list to 10 games.

Anyhow, thought I'd post the 5 games that I haven't played that I want to play the most:

The Devil's Cauldron
Here I Stand
Twilight Imperium
The Napoleonic Wars

There's certainly no guarantee that I'll play any of these games in the near future. I'd guess that the game that is the farthest out would be The Devil's Cauldron, since it seems pretty complicated and there's a lot of counters to punch out. I imagine of the above games Twilight Imperium is the most likely to be played next, but we'll see.

My 5 most anticipated games that haven't come out yet:

Burger Joint
Unhappy King Charles
Le Havre
Republic of Rome (Valley Games reprint)
Wars of the Roses

Of these Republic of Rome has to be the furthest away from being played, since it might not be released in this decade, if at all.

And, my list for out of print games that I really want to play:

Raid on St. Nazaire
This Accursed Civil War

Finally, my list of games that I only want because they look pretty:

War of the Ring Collector's Edition
Axis and Allies Anniversary Edition
Race the Wind (I also think this game looks like it would be fun to play