Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year

A new year and a new post. I see the last time I wrote anything it was about my Command Decision painting project. So this would be a good time to post again since I've spent the past 4 evenings working on some more German vehicles. They include a command radio half-track and truck, a couple of Stug III's, two Sd.kfz 231's (or is it 232's?) and a couple of prime movers for the pak 75's I painted up in the Fall. All told while I still don't have enough to have a game of full strength German and British/Commonwealth battalions fighting each other, I do enough stuff for a nice quaint little battle. Next I'm going to paint up some German paras. My plan is to have a small town in Italy where there's a major crossroads defended by a company or two of Germans airborne with some anti-tank guns being assaulted by elements of a British infantry division with armor support. The Germans will be heavily outnumbered but reinforcements will be on the way.

Once this is done I think I'm going to move on to painting up all my Russo-Japanese war ships. I've got quite a few but they should be fairly easy to paint, especially with my airbrush.

I'll be working in my Sisters of Battle as I go along, though I'm almost done the last squad that I have, so I'll probably switch to painting up my Skaven boxed set before buying more Witch Hunters.