Sunday, March 27, 2016

Painting Update

Since one of the main purposes of me starting this blog was to give myself motivation to paint the miniatures I own, here's what I'm working on right now.

Bought this from the game store almost a year ago.  I think it was around $80, and you get two guns (a saker and demi-culverin, basically a big cannon and and a bigger cannon) along with a mortar.  What I really liked is you also get gabions and "wicker works" cast in resin.  I always see those in magazines and knew I wouldn't ever scratch build them myself, so I feel this was a pretty awesome deal.

The box also comes with the requisite crewmen, two of which you see here before being brushed with Minwax.

And here they are after.

I'm dying to get started on my Thirty Years War 15mm figures, but I swore that I would complete everything necessary for my next 28mm English Civil War game, which is going to be First Newbury.  These guns and the defenses are all I need, along with working up the army lists in Carnage and Glory.