Friday, November 24, 2017

Soviets vs Nazis

Still working away on my late war Germans vs Russians game using the one page rule set FUBAR.  I think I'm set as far as miniatures are concerned, but I did just start assembling Warlord's plastic Soviet Infantry (Winter) set.  Mainly though that's looking ahead to possibly running the game at a convention.  What I plan for Heagercon (my personal gaming convention) will be relatively small.

The main thing I'm working on now for this game are various playing aids, mainly tokens and roster sheets.  I'm producing these using Google Docs.  At first I was getting frustrated by the perceived lack of functionality in Google Draw, though I started to think outside the box and am now somewhat pleased by the results so far.

To make the tokens I'm using this stuff that's for jewelry making (I think).  There are several videos on Youtube showing how to make tokens for wargames.  This is the one I followed:  Tokens.  I'm not too happy with the image quality of the ones I made, but I don't want to get too bogged down with just this one aspect.  Once I have them complete I'll post some pictures.

One small setback I suffered was due to my middle child's best friend.  I have the game set up on my small table in my basement.  The terrain tiles are 2'X2' drywall pieces that I applied textured paint to before painting black and drybrushing gray.  On top of that I have a bunch of ruins that I made out of foam and cork, and a building from Crescent Root.  Anyway, the drywall tiles hang over my table, and the kids were playing with their plastic bowling set, which of course they set up right by my table.  My kid's friend, even after being admonished to be careful, stooped down to pick up the bowling pins that were kinda under the table, and when he stood up he hit the corner of one of the tiles and knocked everything every which way.  I still don't have it set back up, still seething.

But, I will soldier on.

Saturday, September 30, 2017


My Warlord T-34s and the terrain I've been working on.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

More Fall of the Reich

28mm Artizan Soviets underway.

Actually they're done, this is an old photo.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Fall of the Reich

Working on a skirmish level game set in Winter of 1944/45, somewhere in Germany.

So far I've got 40 Germans completed (and one Panther as you can see) and just about finished 23 Russians.

Fairly prolific for me, since I started this in late November 2016.

Really pleased with the baking soda/Elmer's Glue snow on the Germans.  For some reason I don't want to put snow on my Russian's bases.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Heagercon 2017?

For a couple of years I had considered moving Heagercon (basically my annual gaming party) into January in order to get out of the way of Xmas.  So this year I scheduled it over MLK Day weekend.  While that weekend wound up being the worst winter weather of the year (which isn't saying much) overall it was way better having it in January.

Sadly there was no miniatures game since my MD friends couldn't make the trip due to the weather, but it was still a good turnout and having the following Monday off was awesome.

On the right you have the star of our show, Marshall Wilson, and next to him my handsome brother-in-law, Albert.  The two were the main providers of all the eats, pictured below.

As for the games, played some old favorites like Long Shot, new stuff like New (Ha!) Angeles, but game of the con would have to be Spyfall.

Played Cuba Libre  Went over okay I think.  Hadn't played in awhile, had to teach three new players, but they seemed to enjoy it.

A game that's maybe more confusing than it's worth.

 This game looks like fun.  Wonder where I can buy it...

Finally got to play New Angeles.  Loved it!

Ron sorted his X-Wing minis like a BOSS!

Anyway, hope to see you all next year.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Dungeon Saga

Dungeon Saga is a board game published by Mantic Games, of Mars Attacks and Kings of War fame. It's a 1 vs many dungeon crawler, similar to Fantasy Flight's Descent.  However, the game is more dungeon than saga.

This was my first experience with anything from Mantic.  I've leafed through the book for Kings of War, their version of Warhammer Fantasy Battle, and that seemed pretty cool.  I've seen the Mars Attacks game but that didn't interest me at all.  Honestly, the fact that I had no experience with Mantic was why I was looking forward to trying Dungeon Saga.

One thing I have heard about Mantic's board games is the mediocre component quality.  Dungeon Saga is definitely several cuts below the sort of thing you see from Fantasy Flight, Asmodee, and Cool Mini or Not.  The plastic miniatures were average sculpts at best (the hero figures) and poor at worst (the skeletons).  The artwork on the dungeon tiles was drab, and the cardboard itself kind of thin.  One interesting thing the game had was "furniture."  The doors, bookcases, and chests, instead of just being markers were made out of plastic.  While I thought that was a nice touch they looked something you'd get out of a bag of plastic toys bought from the supermarket.

As for the game itself it also comes off as second best to stuff like 

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Crete 1941

Bought the latest issue of World at War magazine, part of the Strategy and Tactics family, and have been playing the game that comes with it, Crete 1941.

The game is a solitaire simulation of the German invasion of Crete in 1941, with the player controlling the Germans and the game system handling the various Anglo-Greek forces.    It features a point to point map of the island, and is divided into four large sectors which facilitate the staging of the German forces.  For example, in the staging phase of the game if you wanted to do an airborne assault on the Heraklion airfield, you would place the German paratroopers and transports in the "Heraklion Airborne Sector" space, and then move them to the airfield during the airdrop phase.

Besides the victory point track, there is a Allied Command Level track, ranging from 1-12.  Once a turn you roll two dice and if you exceed the Allied Command Level, then the Allies will begin to evacuate the island.  Once the evacuation is complete, you total up your victory points, which are awarded for eliminating allied units (evacuated units don't count, this is very important), and taken away for losing German ones.  You also get points for occupying airfields and ports and game's end.  Before this roll is made, you will increase the Allied Command Level one for every port and airfield still under Allied control or contested.

Combat is pretty simple.  Each unit has a combat factor, and if you roll equal to or under that number you score a hit.  All of the allied units are single-step, while the Germans are two.  The flip side of the allied units features UK and Greek flags, and facilitates the hidden status of those units until the Germans are in the same zone as they are or have gained intelligence in order to reveal them.  There are no movement factors on the counters since the allied units rarely move (one of the allied command events has their units moving into adjacent ports or airfields) and the Germans can move two spaces during their tactical movement phase.

There are numerous ways for your aircraft to be shot down.  Not only do any AA units in a point under attack get to attack each and every aircraft in the raid or drop, but when attacking in combat any roll of six will reduce a German air unit.  The Luftwaffe can either fly missions in support of the ground offensive or make strategic attacks against allied morale (these will reduce the Allied Command Level track)  or the Royal Navy.  Attacks against the Royal Navy reduce that track, which will make it less likely that the German amphibious operations will be intercepted.

Overall I really like the game.  I feel I've learned more about the battle from playing the game that I would have from just reading.  My only criticisms would be on what is typical of solitaire games (necessarily procedural rules and turn sequences) and magazine games (obvious errata and mistakes in the rules) in general.  The game really gives a great feel for the battle, and since I barely scraped by with a draw in my first play, I'm already thinking of what I can do differently to achieve a better outcome next time.

Speaking of reading, I was disappointed in the magazine article on Crete.  Funnily enough, I think the Wikipedia article on the battle is written much better, and has better pictures!  So if you're interested, I recommend buying the game version of the magazine.