Friday, January 30, 2009

More Updates

Since I haven't been updating this blog very much, I'm going to start thinking about it differently. Right now I'm treating each entry as if it were an essay, wherein I try to have some sort of topic and I put some amount of labor into the crafting of the sentences.

Now I'm going to treat it more like a diary.

With that in mind...

My buddy Marshall and I started playing Unhappy King Charles tonight. This was the first game I ever pre-ordered on a manufacturer's web site. The English Civil War (the subject of the game) is one of my favorite historical periods, so I told him that I liked this game before I even played it. Having played two turns so far I like it for the game it is as well. The game has this feeling where there is no "front" that the fighting occurs at, rather there's armies moving around England either looking to cause trouble for the other side or respond to threats. More on this game after we finish playing tomorrow.
The game after the Campaign Phase of the second turn.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas Games

Here's a picture of me teaching Gabriel how to play chess. He liked it ok until I started capturing his pieces with my knight. He yelled at me to stop using the horse.

We played Rhino Rampage before that, and he actually won that game legitimately.