Saturday, July 25, 2015

The First Battle of Newbury, English Civil War (part two)

Okay, regardless of how many figures I have, I've decided to do one half of the battle.  More accurately, I've decided the battle was fought in two halves (this really isn't true, but it suits my purposes), and I've decided to game the bottom half.  Basically, one part of the battle was fought among hedges and was a close quarters affair among the foot, while the other half was fought in open terrain among the cavalry.

Since I plan on using Carnage and Glory, trying to game the upper part of the battle doesn't make sense.  Also, I'm more interested in seeing how a sweeping cavalry attack by the cream of the King's army against Parliamentarian foot and cavalry would play out.

In other news, I've gone back through the Carnage and Glory rules and realized I wasn't deploying the cavalry correctly.  Well, in the program they were deployed correctly but the figures on the table weren't.  Basically the cavalry fights in a "fighting column," not in line.

Next up, I'll show some screens of how you build your army list in Carnage and Glory.