Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Heagercon 2014 part 1

After spending a decent part of late Summer/early Fall preparing to run a Command Decision Test of Battle game at Heagercon, I switched to Carnage and Glory ECW about 3 weeks prior.  I could have gone either way so I asked my friend Kelly what he wanted to play and he said C&G.  I think that was the better choice since the scenario I had in mind was relatively small and the game concluded after about 2.5 hours of play.

Overview of the terrain.  Royalists consisting of roughly 2000 cavalry and and 2000 foot will enter on the road in the foreground and their objective is the settlement/armory on the far side of the table.

Parliament forces, roughly 3000 foot and only one cavalry squadron, deployed to fend off the marauding Royalists under the command of Prince Rupert.

Near the end of the battle.  Two Parliament foot regiments are routing off the table, with Prince Rupert's Lifeguard (top left) in pursuit.

Overview of the sweeping flank attack of the Royalist cavalry.

Not sure if the game was a success or not.  The Royalists really whupped up on Parliament, so that has me thinking the game isn't balanced enough.  I do think I would have deployed the Parliament forces differently than the players, mainly by setting up a light screen at the river with the lower quality troops and putting the best units inside the stone buildings towards the rear.  I would have kept the two gun batteries further back as well.  However, I do think that the Parliament side needs a little more in the cavalry department in order to protect their flanks better.

Overall I was satisfied, but I do want to run the game again with a few changes and see how things turn out.