Wednesday, October 28, 2015

All Green Alike part 3

Ok, going into the last turn, this was the overall situation:

In the center, the Confederates had captured Centreville but were in a precarious position.  While this scenario does not have any supply rules, clearly the South's spearhead was in danger of being cut-off.  Though with so many Union brigades taking part in the attack on the Confederate's left perhaps they thought there weren't enough troops left to make a serious effort to dislodge them from Centreville.

Still, Beauregard knows he can't stay there forever and will have to retreat eventually.  But he would love to blood the Union army before he withdraws back across Bull Run.

In the New Market-Gainesville area, the strong Union force had seen off several Confederate attacks and were in firm control of the situation.  Taking Gainesville and possibly pushing Southeast towards Manassas were well within their grasp.  However, the Confederate capture of Centreville might draw off much of their strength in order to either drive the CSA out or, more decisively, sweep in behind them and capture the bulk of the Southern army.

On the Confederate right, neither side had committed much.  Several Union regiments marched from the Washington vicinity to contest the crossings, but didn't really have the strength required to force the issue.  Their presence did draw out the Confederate cavalry, which made several interdicting attacks along the road from the District, and both sides seemed content with a standoff in this region.