Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Battlefield vs Call of Duty (again)

I wrote a post awhile ago comparing Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty:  Black Ops.  Last Winter I got really into playing Black Ops 2 online multiplayer as well and really liked it.  Over the past couple of days I started playing Battlefield 3 again and I've come to the conclusion that I like Battlefield a lot more than Call of Duty.  Basically it boils down to the fact that in Battlefield I can go 15-39 (as in 15 kills and 39 deaths) and still have a great time.  Like, I barely notice what my kill-to-death ration is.  But in Call of Duty it's such a focus that playing that bad (which I do) bums me out.  So, really looking forward to Battlefield 4 and I might be done with playing Call of Duty games altogether.

Speaking of these modern shooters, I'm just about done painting up some Eureka NATO frogmen and an African heavy machine gun and crew (like something from Angola, that sort of thing).  Also painted up 9 German half-tracks for Command Decision.  Pictures soon.

Played the Letters from Whitechapel board game a couple of times last week and so far it's pretty awesome.  Similar to Fury of Dracula but much, much better.  And that's not a knock on Fury, which I think is a pretty good game in its own right, but I think Letters is way better.