Sunday, August 29, 2010

Command Decision Solo Playtest 1

A few months ago I played a solo game of Command Decision: Test of Battle in order to playtest the scenario I came up with and to help me learn the rules more. The scenario is an amalgam of British (including Canadian) operations on the Italian peninsula shortly after the Allies invaded, with the Germans conducting a fighting withdraw towards their heavily fortified defensive positions further up the boot.

The photo below depicts the game after one turn, with a British infantry battalion, along with armor support, has advanced onto the table from the left. Their objective is to capture the town in the center of the table. In the vanguard are two Humber scout cars and two Stewart recon tanks, with a column of Shermans further back. Infantry is advancing on either side of the road. The advanced elements have managed to spot several stands of German Fallschirmjager in the built-up areas.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Have to post something before this gets out of hand.

Played several games of Napoleonic Wars over the summer. Great game. Did it live up to the hype? For me, yeah, it did. I liked way better than Sword of Rome. I think the game is better and I definitely like the theme a lot more.

Played Here I Stand once. I really liked this one but I think if you don't have the full compliment of players (we didn't) it's only ok. I'd rather play Napoleonic wars with less people.

A couple of months ago I did a solo playtest of my Command Decision scenario. I took a lot of pictures and I plan on posting a battle report of sorts soon. Here's one of the pics:

What else? Went to Historicon. Went to World Board Gaming Championships. Went to the beach. The usual.

More to come...