Monday, April 21, 2014

Test of Battle Prep (Part 2)

Slowly coming along on my Command Decision Test of Battle game.  Built three vineyards/orchards over a weekend to vary the terrain a bit.  Pretty pleased with how they turned out.

Below is a picture of the entire board.  Basically a heavily wooded and hilly area gives way to a relatively flat agricultural area.  One main road cuts down the center of the battle area with several smaller roads branching off.  A river divides roughly 1/4 of the board from the rest.

Probably going to build a few more hills but overall I'm pretty satisfied.

Did a little bit of playtesting with my 12 year-old son.  Below the early arriving British reconnaissance are taking fire from German Fallschirmjaeger operating a 50mm anti-tank gun.

Still need to produce some order cube covers.  I've made the symbols in Word, just not sure what I'm going to glue them on.  I'll probably affix them to square wooden bases.  Beyond that I need to make some BUA markers and I'll be good to go.