Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Dungeon Saga

Dungeon Saga is a board game published by Mantic Games, of Mars Attacks and Kings of War fame. It's a 1 vs many dungeon crawler, similar to Fantasy Flight's Descent.  However, the game is more dungeon than saga.

This was my first experience with anything from Mantic.  I've leafed through the book for Kings of War, their version of Warhammer Fantasy Battle, and that seemed pretty cool.  I've seen the Mars Attacks game but that didn't interest me at all.  Honestly, the fact that I had no experience with Mantic was why I was looking forward to trying Dungeon Saga.

One thing I have heard about Mantic's board games is the mediocre component quality.  Dungeon Saga is definitely several cuts below the sort of thing you see from Fantasy Flight, Asmodee, and Cool Mini or Not.  The plastic miniatures were average sculpts at best (the hero figures) and poor at worst (the skeletons).  The artwork on the dungeon tiles was drab, and the cardboard itself kind of thin.  One interesting thing the game had was "furniture."  The doors, bookcases, and chests, instead of just being markers were made out of plastic.  While I thought that was a nice touch they looked something you'd get out of a bag of plastic toys bought from the supermarket.

As for the game itself it also comes off as second best to stuff like 

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